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Building upon the popularity of the Hexagon Wood Stove and years of customer feedback, Vargo is launching a new product to increase the usefulness of its top-selling stove.  The Converter Stove is an alcohol and fuel tab/gel stove that can be used alone with a windscreen or inserted into the Hexagon Wood Stove to effectively create a complete multi-fuel cook system.  The Converter Stove combined with the Hexagon Wood Stove can burn alcohol, fuel tabs, fuel gels, and any biomass fuel for incredible versatility*.

Weighing just 1.6 oz. (48 grams), the Converter Stove pairs with either the titanium or stainless steel version of the Hexagon Wood Stove for a complete multi-fuel stove system for under 6 oz. and 9 oz. respectively.  The Converter Stove switches easily between alcohol and fuel tab/gel burning modes by simply flipping it over.  Its collapsible stand serves as a pot stand when used alone or, when inserted into the Hexagon Wood Stove, hangs the stove at the ideal distance between the stove and cookware for optimal cooking efficiency and to prevent soot.  The retail price is $39.95.Titanium Converter Stove w/BOT

On why he created the Converter Stove, Vargo CEO, Brian Vargo, said, “For years customers have been using the Hexagon Wood Stove as a windscreen and backup stove option for our current alcohol stoves.  The problem was that, due to the distance between the stove and pot, the stoves burned inefficiently and created a lot of soot on the bottom of the pot.  We knew we needed to create a stove insert that would sit at a closer distance to improve cooking efficiency and reduce soot altogether while also increasing fuel options.”

When relying on alcohol, fuel tabs, or gels as a primary fuel source, the Converter Stove allows the Hexagon Wood Stove to serve as an effective windscreen and emergency backup stove that can burn available biomass fuels.  When primarily using the Hexagon Wood Stove, the Converter Stove can serve as a backup stove (with fuel) when conditions are too wet or when biomass fuel options are scarce (e.g. deserts, beaches, above tree line, etc.).   Or the Converter Stove can be used as a standalone multi-fuel stove for ultralight backpackers, hunters, and survivalists alike.

The Vargo titanium Converter Stove is available now through and specialty retail stores worldwide.

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Vargo Titanium Converter Stove – MSRP $39.95


  • Converts the Hexagon Wood Stove into a complete multi-fuel cook system
  • Can be used as a standalone alcohol and fuel tab/gel stove
  • Switches easily between alcohol and fuel tab/gel burning modes
  • Stand folds flat for compact storage


  • Stove diameter: 2.4 inches (61 mm)
  • Stove height: 1.2 inches (32 mm)
  • Stand diameter (open): 4.2 inches (107 mm)
  • Stand height: 2.9 inches (32 mm)
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces (48 g)

*Hexagon Wood Stove and Aluminum Windscreens are sold separately.