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It’s that time of year again!

As winter thaws the land and our spirits, many of you are looking to plan your big spring and summer adventures. And some of you are planning for something bigger–a thru-hike! But whether you’re planning for a thru-hike or not, we’ll be here to help you gear up.


Copyright Thomas Gathman aka The Real Hiking Viking

Thru-hikers continue to inspire and shape us into who we are today. Over the many miles, they continually push our products to the limits while demanding more versatility and lighter weights. In short, if our products don’t pass the thru-hiker test, they usually don’t make the cut. What can we say? Vargo was born and bred by that thru-hiker mentality.

It’s for these reasons that this month we celebrate thru-hikers one and all.

To do so, every three days during the month of March we’ll be giving away free Vargo gear to help lighten your packs and ease you into those thousands of miles you’ll be hiking. To enter, simply pop over to our website, click on the WIN icon, and enter your email address for your chance to win. Enter multiple drawings during the month to increase your chances of getting the good stuff!


ExoTi 50 BackpackAlso, as you begin gearing up and training for your long hike, be sure to tag @vargooutdoors in your posts and pics on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use the hashtag #thruhikermonth for your chance to win our grand prize giveway, an  ExoTi™ 50 Backpack ($299.95 retail value). The drawing will take place on Friday, March 31 so enter as many entries as you can to improve your chances of winning!

Lastly, the first 50 orders over $100 will receive a brand new Vargo hat!

THANK YOU for continuing to be our inspiration and supporters and for taking us along on each of your adventures. Happy Thru-Hiker Month!

Copyright Thomas Gathman aka The Real Hiking Viking


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