In 2002, we, Vargo Outdoors, began crafting our own ultralight backpacking gear.  For the past twelve years, we have expanded our product line from simple items such as titanium tent stakes, all the way to a titanium external frame backpack, the TiArc.  

The idea was born back when owner/founder, Brian Vargo, decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Brian went at a time when the idea of ultralight backpacking gear was growing in popularity in the backpacking community. During his time on the trail, he thought of ways to make his pack lighter. 

When we began manufacturing ultralight backpacking gear, we turned to one major resource: Titanium. Titanium is a low density, high strength, material that is known for it’s lightweight make-up. The two most useful properties of Titanium are corrosion resistance as well as the fact that it has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Durable and lightweight characteristics – exactly what you want out of your backpacking gear. It was a no brainer for us to use Titanium as our main material for crafting our line of ultralight backpacking gear. 

Our philosophy is: do more with less. We want you to be able to go further, and enjoy your time in the outdoors. With a lifetime guarantee, we stand behind the durability and satisfaction of our ultralight backpacking gear.