In our quest to rethink and redesign backpacking essentials, we’re bringing you a new cutting edge with the Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife.  We’re totally stoked.

Vargo Wharn-Clip Knife

Made from a special Japanese titanium alloy, the Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife is 1.5x harder and over 3x stronger than pure titanium.  Its “Wharncliffe” shape and single bevel grind make for an incredibly strong, sharp, and easy to hone blade.  The integrated clip and efficiently designed Kydex sheath offer convenient and safe carrying.  We think it’s the perfect lightweight knife for feathering up fuzz sticks or preparing trailside meals.  Maybe even fending off bears.  But we don’t recommend that.  Seriously.

“Traditionally if you wanted to carry an ultralight knife, it meant you had to have one with a small, delicate blade.  Not anymore.  With the Wharn-Clip you get a full size knife for less than an ounce,” says President and CEO Brian Vargo.  “Food prep and camp chores just got a whole lot easier.”

Starting with the Wharn-Clip we’re expanding our popular Emergency and Tools category.  Why?  Because you asked for it.  And we like making you happy.  ANNND it’s expected to be joined by others in 2014.

For more information, visit:  Vargo Wharn-Clip Sheath

Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife – MSRP $59.95


  • Special titanium alloy is 1.5x harder and over 3x stronger than pure titanium
  • Wharncliffe design for excellent point control and full blade cutting power
  • Single bevel grind for exceptional strength, sharpness, and ease of honing
  • Integrated clip for convenient carrying
  • Kydex sheath for lightweight protection


  • Blade Length: 2.7 inches (69 mm)
  • Overall Length: 5.4 inches (138 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.1 inch (3 mm)
  • Knife weight: 0.7 ounce (20 grams)
  • Sheath weight: 0.3 ounce (9 grams)
  • Point: Wharncliffe
  • Material: Titanium alloy
  • Sheath: KydexWharn-Clip CloseupCAUTION:  Knife has a very sharp blade.  Always use with caution.  Duh.